Bits and Pieces: Everything But the Kitchen Synch

There have been a lot of questions about synch cord odds 'n ends via e-mail, and in various comments sections. But it's core info and I wanted to bring it up to a main post.

• For those of you making the jump to Pocket Wizards, remember that you will need to connect the receiver to your flash unit. If you have a Nikon SB flash with a PC jack on the side, you'll want a PC1 (PC Male to Miniphone Cord) which you can get for $17.95, here.

• If your flash does not have a PC jack, you'll have to cough up for a PW-MHSF1 (Miniphone to Hot Shoe Female Cord) which you can get for $44.95, here. You will notice that the difference in the prices between the two cords - $27.00 - puts you well on your way to a used Nikon SB-24 with a little patience. I'm just saying...

• Nikon AS-15 Hot-Shoe-to-PC adpaters (see photo above) which have apparently been tough to find, are back in stock. Rejoice from the hilltops in a loud and mighty voice.


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