Bits and Pieces - May 20

Hey, folks. My head is spinning from a series of 12-hour shooting days, and I still have one more to go. Off today to shoot the Preakness (a big horse race, if you are from out of the US.) It's the second leg of the Triple Crown and I am glad the third leg is not my responsibility to cover.

Coming in the next few days when I come up for air is the first installment of a series on designing a "long-term gear plan." Bags so so expensive to put together these days, so you want to get the most bang for the buck.

Also, I shot a cool Varsity cover using those new little macro strip lights on Thursday. Just trotted them out for a headshot on a lark, and they worked better than I hoped. I have several "thought process" pictures, and an overall of the lighting setup, too. Trying to remember to do that every time now. Gotta wait till it gets published (Weds) but that'll be a new On Assignment post coming up.

I am swamped with e-mails, too, and will dig out of the hole ASAP-est. Thanks for your patience.

Still kicking (barely)


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