Interest Check: Strobist Podcasts

Having participated in exactly three podcast interviews in my whole life, I am now toying with the idea of doing it myself.

Many of the Lighting 101 topics in particular could use some fleshing out, and having the extra info would be useful to some of those readers who are not completely grasping the concepts.

That said, I would like to know what you guys think. Worth the effort? Would it be useful?

Here's what I have:

• Close to zero experience
• Sound editing software
• A microphone
• A face made for radio

Here's what I need:

• Some feedback as to what would be useful to you guys, content-wise
• Some good suggestions for a podcast hosting site

As far as the latter, I do not need anything fancy. I can upload generic .mp3's, and the ideal place would host them in a way that a simple URL would access them. I have no FTP access that I can use here at Blogger, so I am looking outside the fold.

Free would be very nice. I mean, if YouTube can do it for video, someone has to be doing it for audio. Bonus points for low pain-in-the-butt factor on the interface.

Please place any ideas and suggestions here.


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