Home Depot, Your Lighting Improvement Store

A Strobist reader who has already received and watched the new Dean Collins DVD's has done some Googling around and come across an old gem that sure brings back some memories.

Collins designed a series of light control panels which were ultimately produced by Bogen and showed up in studios all over the world. But before they were commercially produced, many people were rolling their own out of PVC, bedsheets, Tuff Frost and bungee cord.

At the time, they were called "Tinker Tubes." It's really amazing what you can do with some PVC piping and about 174 points of IQ.

Fortunately, the .pdf plans show the rest of us dummies how to do it. The DVD's, of course, show you about a gazillion things you can do with this stuff.

I have to say, it's gonna be fun watching the knowledge from these DVD's ripple through you guys as a group.

(Thanks, Debbie!)

Download the plans.


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