Bits and Pieces, Oct. 13, 2006

An Untimely Death

My laptop is dead.

Burnt up.

Not Dell-burnt-up, but any time you smell "burnt" coming from the inside of your laptop, it cannot be good.

I don't even wanna think about what I have had (hopefully, still have) on the hard drive. The first 5,000 or so frames from my time lapse multimedia project on a maple tree in fall were there. I shot some more early this morning, just in case the project still lives.

If you want to know how tied I am to my hopefully-not-former Powerbook, my wife refers to it as "The Mistress."

That's an exagerration. We're just friends.

The Book is Great

I have been reading a copy of John Harrington's book - the one I posted about yesterday - and it is great. I will do a full review on it in a few days.

"Use the FLASH, Luke. Trust Your Feelings..."

On the bright side, I have been getting plenty of assignments that lend themselves to lighting. I have three ready to go in the "On Assignment" hopper. Gotta wait till they are published, tho. They will go up soon.

A 30-Year Reunion of Sorts

As a kid growing up in a small, southern town in the 1970's, Thursday night meant watching The Waltons on TV with my family. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon photographing Richard "John Boy" Thomas, who is currently starring in the national tour of the Broadway play, "Twelve Angry Men."

It was such an interesting experience to meet a TV star from so far back in my life. He is a great guy - intelligent, personable, down-to-earth and full of many interesting opinions and stories.

I have a great job some days. Most days, actually.


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