If You Like, Spread the Luv.

Wanna know a little secret?

Many of the "ads" that pop up on my site aren't ads at all. They are image links.

Case in point: That link to MediaStorm on the right sidebar.

Why would I do this? Because one of the cool things about having your own blog - and if you don't have one yet, you really should try out the medium - is that I can point people to cool stuff that I am into.

So, in addition to blogging about Brian's site, I am leaving an image ad up on the sidebar to point people to him on an ongoing basis. He's doing some kickin' stuff, and I want to introduce people to it for longer than his post remained on the front page.

It sort of a blog roll on steroids, and it is one of the things a blogger can choose to do "just because."

In the months that I have been publishing, (in addition to MediaStorm) I have image-linked to Nikon, Canon, XM Satellite Radio, (I love my XM) Monsterpod, even PSA's on getting your blood sugar tested as an early warning against still-preventable diabetes. (I had a high reading and was lucky enough to catch mine in time.)

So, long story short, Brian Storm, who is parsecs ahead of me in this Web 2.0 stuff, got the idea to take the extra step of making it easy to link to him in a visual way. What a great idea.

So I am ripping it off adapting the idea to my own site. Okay, so mine is way clunkier than his. So what. I am pretty sure I can, um, beat him in chess.

Or something.

I think.

So, if you wanna link to Strobist you can now do it with a little visual impact. To see the image ads and grab the HTML code, click here.

And while I am still thinking about it, get your blood sugar tested. Most people who have diabetes do not know they have it. Yet.

Don't wanna miss those grandkids.


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