Bit and Pieces, 11/12/2006

• Inside Commercial Photo

If you want to peek inside the pages of the $300-per-year Commercial Photo magazine, there are three pages up on Flickr. In addition to the picture at left, you can click here or here to see a couple of other setups.

I am seriously thinking about subscribing. Life's too short, not to take an occasional flyer, ya know?

• Why Can't I Have This Much Free Time

Our own Christopher the Photographer channels a little late-night Duane Michaels with his 4am 1-8 series. Follow the link to see it as a slideshow on Flickr.

I would like to congratulate Christopher on making it all the way through eight whole photos without the inclusion of a single beautiful woman. I'm pretty sure that's a first for him.

• eBay Remotes: The Magnum Opus Review

Strobist Flickr group member Gisle Hannemyr has posted the "eBay remotes" review to end all reviews. If you are considering buying them, you'll want to read it.

(Thanks for that info, Gisle!)

• Out of Town Sunday and Monday

Me and The Missus are hitting the road for an anniversary weekend getaway - without the curtain climbers. Got a great deal on Priceline for Sunday night at the Westin Embassy Row in Washington DC, and we are touring Capitol Hill on Segways (woo hoo!) for four hours on Sunday.

The laptop - or as The Missus refers to it, "The Mistress" - is not invited. So I will neither be answering e-mails nor moderating comments for the next two days.

If you post anything, it will pop up late Monday afternoon.


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