Attend the May 12/13 London Seminar for Free

Cool photo by "PDPB". (See larger)

I am currently collecting ideas for a venue for the London seminars. I am looking for something that can hold about 40 people, with extra room for lighting demos and such. It would need to be available both Saturday May 12 and Sunday May 13. The latter precludes any religious venues. (We had a great room at a church complex - a "fellowship hall" for the last seminar.)

Ideally, it'd be near some place(s) to eat as we will break for lunch.

I am very flexible. And I'm not yet ready to make the default choice of a sterile chain hotel meeting room. A large school classroom would be nice, for instance.

I could pay for the venue in dollars or pounds, combined with significant web exposure (say, 1,000,000 page views) and/or tuition for one or two associated local helpers in the organization, should they be interested.

I have already received several suggestions - thanks much - and am collecting as much data as possible before choosing a venue.

Now, for the carrot. The person who first suggests the venue that I end up choosing will receive the following:

• They will attend the seminar for free on either/both days, and

• I'll toss in this lovingly used Nikon SB-24 speedlight with one of my favorite mods - a slight warming gel permanently slipped in behind the front lens. And it comes pre-velcro'd, too.

Think of it as a very Strobist-oriented finder's fee.

Nevermind the chain hotel meeting rooms - I can easily research those on the web. I am looking for a space that we can creatively repurpose without breaking the bank.

Convenient access to public transport is preferred, and it should be either inside the M25, or at least close to it.

Please put your suggestions here. This way, we can brainstorm together.

And all ideas previously Flickrmailed to me are already in the running.

Please note that I reserve the right to choose somewhere other than one of your suggestions. But you guys have every advantage over me. (I would soooo kick your butts at picking a venue in Baltimore.)

I hope to make a decision with about two weeks. Put on your thinking caps, and good luck!



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