London Roster Firms Up

First, for the non-London folks, thanks much for your patience as I plowed through the surprisingly time-consuming administrative work surrounding booking the London attendees.

We will be back to lighting, soon. I promise.

Here's where we are on London:

Saturday is sold out, and registration URL's have been sent to the earliest people on the Sunday wait list. If you were on the Sunday list and were early enough for a slot, the notice should be in your in-box by now.

I have kept, in order, the other wait list contacts and will give you a heads up if anyone does not sign up, or has to cancel for some reason. I expect we will get a few cancellations. Things happen.

Those who have already made their payments via PayPal are on the roster. I will post a full list in a couple of days (so the wait listers can have time to sign up) and you can check to make sure there are no mistakes.

I will post first name, last initial and the domain (only) portion of your email addy. That should be sufficiant to check for an accurate list without compromising anyone or feeding the spambots.

And again, thanks for your patience.


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