Out: POTW. In: PML.

We're taking a little hiatus for Picture of The Week. In lieu of that, I wanted give a shout-out to one thing, and tease another.

First, the "Strobist Challenge," (which is an extension of last summer's Lighting Boot Camp) has just completed its fourth assignment. This is a reader-run group project in which everyone shoots around a theme. If you are looking for a little challenge (or just an idea for something to shoot) I highly recommend participating in this evolving group project.

If you want to know more, assignment #5 is being brainstormed now.

(The cool Kiwi shot above, was turned if for assignment #4, "Backlight." Click on it for a bigger version.)

Second is the previously mentioned "Pimp My Light."

Not coincidentally, it is similarly named to the MTV show, Pimp My Ride. If you are unfamiliar with Pimp My Ride, the guys from the show take a POS rust bucket of a car and amp it up into something really cool for some happy viewer.

This'll be a little different in that I will be regularly choosing pix that have been dropped into the Strobist Pool which are already quite good. I'll post them, with some discussion as to how they could have carried the thinking just a little further for that next level of goodness. I will try very hard to have the ideas make use of gear they already (apparently) had, and/or basic stuff anyone would have around the house.

This is total, stream-of-conscious, over-the-light-table kind of stuff. My hope is that this will grow into a regular feature and will provide a broader and more interactive learning experience than the process of merely sticking the best reader photos out front. Besides, you guys are getting so good that it is getting impossible to just choose a few each week.

Look for the first PML to pop up on Monday or Tuesday.

As for POTW withdrawal you can always check my Flickr faves page if you are a total approval junkie. I cruise through the pool every couple of days an click the stuff I particularly like, along with ideas for future content.

But, joking aside, the opinion which should matter most about your photos is, of course, your own.


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