Three Well-Spent Minutes

Looking for a little lot of creative inspiration in three short minutes? I first saw this after it was posted by my buds over at, and have since showed it to everyone in the photo department at The Sun.

It is the flash-based, three-minute portfolio of photos shot by George Lange. (Link is to Lange's website. Direct link to flash portfolio is at the bottom of this post.)

Mind you, this is just what he did in 2006. The guy blows through a year's worth of famous people, nobodies and family with equally wonderful skill and vision.

As a bonus, he flips through multiple photos from several of his shoots, which gives you an idea of how a high-end, hard-working photographer develops an idea while shooting an assignment.

When he lights, it is simple. What is not simple is the creative and dynamic ways in which he interacts with his subjects.

Sit down and look over Lange's shoulder for a few minutes. It'll charge your batteries:

:: George Lange's 2006 Portfolio ::
:: Yak About it on Strobist Flickr ::


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