You Wedding Shooters Just Got a New Home Page

No matter what your area of shooting, you should be looking to people in your field who are really busting some creative stuff as inspiration for your own shooting.

To that end, I point the wedding shooters (heck, anybody, actually) to Matt Adcock's new wedding-themed lighting blog,

Matt's just starting out with the blog thing, but he already has several great posts. If I were a wedding photog, I would bookmark this site and then pester him to update it at least three times a day.

(Sorry, Matt, but that's good stuff.)

The photo seen above was gotten in a church that doesn't allow flash photography. Yeah, it's a cool shot. But as far as I am concerned, the brownie points come from the sneakiness involved in getting it.

I'll take a chance every now and then to get good light. But you really have to hand it to a guy who is willing to risk his immortal soul to make a hot picture.

And if that isn't enough, check out Matt's video below from a "trash the dress" photo session. He shot it in an underground natural cave/pool in the Mayan Riviera. You know, just like the last place you did a wedding shoot.

For more info, and higher-res stills, check out his blog post on the subject.

Cool beans, Matt. Keep up the good work.


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