A Visually Engaging Presentation

Editor's note: Strobist is about off-camera lighting with small flashes. But it also embraces visual creativity of all kinds. And this is that, in spades.

This video has absolutely nothing to do with off-camera flash. If you don't like the occasional diversion, feel free to skip it. But I loved it.

Okay, I guess it is wedding proposal week on Strobist. First Matt and Sol, and now this.

Strobist reader (we do like to claim our stars) George Aye proposed last weekend to Sara Cantor, his girlfriend of three years. The time-lapse video he created with his still camera has already gone viral in just two days, with over 125,000 150,000 YouTube views.

Congratulations to George and Sara. George, hurry up and get all of your lighting gear before "discretionary spending" is no longer a line item on the budget.

And Sara, count on an wonderfully creative and visual family album in your future.

UPDATE: George writes to tell me that "My Early Muir Owl" is an anagram of "Will you marry me?"

Seriously, this guy needs to open a consulting business.


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