Saturday Speedlinks: 10-20-2007

Hopefully, by the time you are reading this, my family has arrived safely in Paris. If not, I depart this world leaving as my final words your humble Saturday Speedlinks, this week with video:


• If you are a Dave Hill fan, he has lotsa new photos up on his website, and some new behind-the-scenes videos, too. That's him working for AP in the video above.

(No, not the $25-payin'-all-rights-grabbing AP. Alternative Press Magazine.) Butcha still can't light like him.

• The New Joisey folks are raising the bar on Strobist meetups. They are being hosted by Dyna-Lite, and are having demo gear shipped in for the day from MPEX.

Click here to find out what exit the meeting is at if you are in the NJ area and are free on 11/10.

• Last but not least, PopPhoto's Peter Kolonia has a very cool piece on the effects of using a polarized light source in conjunction with a lens polarizer. This stuff sucks a lot of light out of the system, so it is not for speedlighters unless you are working with bare flash. But very interesting stuff nonetheless.

(Light: Science and Magic has a very good section on this technique, with theory, how-to's and diagrams.)



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