Tim Tadder Seeks 'Photoshop Stud'

I know that a lot of folks read this site from SoCal. And if you are one of those people, your day just got a lot more interesting. Tim Tadder, the shooter we talked about in the L101 post on keeping a lighting file, is looking to add a team member.

Tim talks job requirements, salary, working environment and contact info after the jump.


Says Tim:
I now have two children and need to pass off some of my workload.

I am looking for a full-time, in-house post processing pupil to help handle my work load. The job entails working in a historic church three blocks from one of Southern California's best beaches, traveling to photo shoots for major brands and working on covers for newsstand magazines.

The ideal person would:

1. Be a Photoshop stud, really...needs to be great and fast

2. Love my work and style, because thats what you'll be working on and it will get pretty boring if you are not into it.

3. Be totally dedicated to the craft and have passion to match the other people working in our studio. We are a passionate bunch with no time for whining. We love photography and will work long long hours to make it great.

We offer full benefits. Salary depends on skill level but starts at $40K. Looking for someone fresh -- recent grads with raw skills are encouraged to apply.

Please send web portfolio to me and my studio manager at (spam-proofed):

mail ~at~ timtadder ~dot~ com


If you are a young SoCal Photoshop hotshot I strongly encourage you to look into this. I can think of far worse things than to go to work every day at the Church of Tim Tadder.


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