Matt Adcock, on Shooting Mayan Warriors

Being comfy with off-camera lighting techniques means being able to react to a fluid situation and still make photos that pop. This is a mantra that wedding shooter Matt Adcock, over at Flash Flavor, preaches to his colleagues pretty much nonstop.

Matt has his look (and the techniques that make it happen) down to a science. And it's working for him pretty well. He shot no fewer than 14 weddings in November.

At Flash Flavor, Matt talks about lighting on the run as he reacts to a group of Mayan warriors performing at a wedding. Not knowing what they were gonna do, he had to have a lighting game plan and be comfy enough with the technical stuff to go with the flow.

One in December, Too

The link to the Mayan post follows below.

But before you go see how Matt throws down when a wedding goes Apacalypto, consider leaving a comment after the post wishing Matt and Sol a happy future. They are getting married today.

Who wants to bet they have a transmitter for a PW'd remote camera in their pocket during the ceremony? Congratulations, guys!

:: Matt's Mayan Warrior Post ::
(Warrior photo by Matt; Engagement photos by Susan Stripling)



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