Shorty 2.0: LP632 Swivels Get Updated

UPDATE -- 3/27/08 -- These things are proving very popular, and are now on backorder. They are subbing out a different swivel, which also has the set screw. See here for more info and a pic.

The $16.99 LumoPro LP632 "shorty" umbrella swivel mounts have been updated. They are now sporting better build quality (bolts for the head instead of rivets) and a "set screw" for the newer, metal-shoed flashes. Which means no more wobbly $300.00 strobes.

This pretty much takes care of my quibbles with the first version, leaving a very compact model that gets the job done. If space is at a premium in your lighting bag, these could very well get the nod over the larger standard swivels. Although some will still prefer the bigger ones for ease of adjustment with the big friction lever.

:: LumoPro LP632 -- Original Report ::
:: LP632 Product Page :: (Still shows old photo.)
:: Standard Umbrella Swivel (L101 Entry) ::



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