Coming in November: Annie's 'On Assignment' Book

Mix equal parts talent, ego, resources and schtick and you'll end up with A-List people shooter Annie Leibovitz. You'll remember her from the annotated Queen Elizabeth shoot video, among many other high-profile sessions.

Her upcoming book, Annie Leibovitz: At Work, looks to be a behind-the-scenes study of some of her more famous shoots, including the royal shoot referenced above.

I have always had a "love-eyeroll" thing for her, having heard too many stories from people she has worked with to avoid the latter. But I very much enjoy her work and absolutely learn something every time I get the opportunity to study her photos more closely.

Amazon has it available for pre-order at $26.40 (list is $40.00) with price protection between now and when it ships.

"On Assignment: Annie Leibovitz" for that kind of coin?

Heck yeah, I'm in.

(Thanks to Charles P. for the heads-up.)



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