My Daily Ritual: A Nice Steaming Cup of Redux

A lot of people start the day with a cup of hot coffee. I prefer to get my caffeine from Diet Mountain Dew, but you can't really hit that before lunch or you look like an addict. (I can quit any time -- I quit seven times last year alone.)

So, my morning pick-me-up is to cruise over to the Redux blog. It's run by Myles Ashby, and in it he offers a steady stream of published work by the very talented shooters at Redux Pictures.

There is no faster way to grow as a photographer than to consume a steady diet of good photography -- and take the time to try to understand which qualities in those photos appeals to you. I am into location portraiture, so Redux is a great fit for me.

Myles' approach is simple. He scans the tear sheets, runs the pictures all the way across the editorial hole, then tells you who shot them and where they ran.

Redux is a wonderful boutique agency which is part of a network of similarly minded agencies around the world. Bonus: If you do a little clicking through on the main site, you'll probably end up looking at cool photography until 3:00 a.m., like I did the first time I explored those links.

The Redux Blog is 100% photography -- like opening the fridge in the summer and scooping out the center of the watermelon and leaving the part with all the seeds for everyone else. In fact, the only way it could be better (for me) is if Myles spent a few paragraphs on each post breaking down the lighting.

But I'm a niche market. And besides, I have been talking with a couple of Redux shooters about just that. More TK.

Link: Redux Blog

(Photos by Robyn Twomey [top] and Tom Wagner.)



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