Not Your Average Joe

Quick note from the road, where the Flash Bus crew is working our way east after coming down the west coast.

Q: What's the coolest (among many) thing about touring the US for 13k miles in this 55-foot rolling dutch oven?
A: Getting to watch McNally explore CLS TTL for 29 afternoon sessions.

I grew up as a photog idolizing the guy, but that's gone to a whole new level of respect for both him and his folks. Suffice to say, the man can hit a curve.

As much as I am gonna take crap for admitting this, I would feel pretty darn comfy by now trying some complicated TTL setups. Don't tell him I told you that, though. 'Cause I'm not switching. That'd be heresy.

The crew is gelling really well and the days are getting better and better. Loose and tight, at the same time. We'll be home for a few days of much needed family time, then it is time for the East Coast swing. We'll see you guys there.

And speaking of the crew, here dey is:


(Photo up top by David Daniels, who posted about the day in Salt Lake City. Thanks, David!)



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