Want. This. Light.

So, here's a light source you don't see every day. Dunno know who makes it, or even if it is store-bought or DIY. But it's pretty freakin' cool.

The navel gazing in the Flickr group over what these giant light sticks might be has devolved into a discussion of blow-up lawn ornaments, natch. But Strobist reader Jonathan Camere of Miami, FL (and a bit of a car photographer himself) chimed in with a link to the video.

Lotsa cool stuff in here. The camera (PhaseOne back on a Contax body) is physically joined, offset, to the car to get perfect pans over time exposures. Thus the need for continuous lighting.

Anyone knows anything about those mods, hit us in the comments.

Oh, and let them be cheap please. Nope. Here they are.



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