Interview with Burn Magazine

Today, burn Magazine published a wide-ranging interview I did with Magnum (and NatGeo) photographer David Alan Harvey.

David has long been one of my photographic idols/compass points. We met in person for the first time in San Miguel D'Allende, Mexico in 2010 and became fast friends. He is my sounding board for anything photo-journalistic or documentary in nature. And I am always happy to discuss the web and vertical ecosystems with him, usually at about 2:00am, and over drinks.

This interview is essentially one of those free-form discussions, transcribed and uncut. It took place on the back stoop of a hotel in Dubai earlier this year. You can read it here.

And if you have any interest at all in documentary photojournalism and on the off-chance have not yet discovered burn, OMG are you in for a treat. Dave's compass point is absolutely pure, which is why that web magazine has quickly become the place to go to learn about documentary photography and documentary photographers. Enjoy.



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