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I had to remove my email address from the site — literally, hundreds of general lighting Q's a day at one point. But that doesn't mean that I am not here to help.

If you have a general lighting gear, lighting technique, career, portfolio, etc., question, ask it in the Strobist Flickr discussion group. You will find your answers -- and a lot of nice people who are all into off-camera lighting -- there.

If you want to ask me something specifically, feel free to ask via Twitter. That's a great way to ask where the answer can benefit others, too. Twitter's focus on brevity (140 character limit) means I can commit to answering pretty much any question that is asked of me there.

But if you ask me something that is easily Googleable info, you might get a snarky response. So you are encouraged to try Googling first. :)


I do occasional speaking/teaching engagements. But as a one-man band, that create significant time pressure and disruption -- not to mention lost family time. With the advance work and catch-up work, it cost about 3x the time I am actually away. So I tend to limit teaching/speaking gigs to 2-3 per year.

Lastly, PLEASE do not send me free "promotional" or "evaluation" gear. I do not do pay-for-play reviews, etc. And just receiving that stuff puts me in a very uncomfortable position.

This has long been my policy, even though the FTC is finally catching up with this sort of thing, making it a legal issue now, too. Kudos to them for that.

Thanks much,
David Hobby


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