Lighting Workshop Interest List

I love teaching small-class lighting workshops. But because of time constraints, I only teach them once or twice a year. (These days, most of my scaleable time is devoted to building X-Peditions into the best program of its kind.)

When lighting workshops do open up, they fill very quickly — often before many people even know they were available. So I have decided to port the notification list approach that we use with X-Peditions into use with the lighting workshops as well.

This should help to smooth the signup process, and to make it fairer for all involved.

Strobist® Lighting Workshops

Our class size is 12-15 people. We work in an environment of rotating small teams, with lots of one-to-one instruction. We have fun, and I can guarantee you'll have a solid understanding of lighting principles before you leave. Or I won't let you leave.

This is not a hype-y, luxury event with the obligatory deluge of Instagram ads. Our goal is to keep the class as economically accessible as possible, which is often a balancing act given the small class sizes.

This is why previous workshops have often been held near Washington DC. Because when you start building in remote space rental, travel expenses and shipping all of the lighting gear, other locations quickly become untenable.

I am also considering a second type of extended workshop, which would be a more comprehensive (2-3 days) and in a location that would be reasonably/cheaply accessible, and very much worth the trip.

The goal would be to have a fast-paced and fun firehose of a weekend, in a fantastic setting, but with everything kept to a reasonable cost.

I'm still working on some of the details, but I think I have the gear transport issues largely solved. (We've learned a lot from solving logistical travel-related issues with our X-Peditions trips.)

Might Be Interested? Let Me Know.

The interest sign-up list approach has worked out very well, and in a fair way, for our X-Peds trips. So I am going to use that for single- and multi-day small-class lighting workshops as well.

Here's how it works.

1. If you think you even might be interested in a single- or multi-day lighting workshop, please submit your name and email below. This confers no obligation on you whatsoever.

2. I will only use your email for the purpose of giving you advance notice for small-class lighting workshops. I do not sell, rent or otherwise share your email. Because I hate companies who do that.

3. When I have an upcoming workshop, you'll get an email notice well before it is publicly announced. In fact, because of this interest list, future lighting workshops may not even be publicly announced at all.

4. Make sure to include your city/state/country. If I suddenly find I have 30 people from Pitchfork, Nebraska who are interested, it may well make sense to reach out to those people and work out a nearby location.

That's it!



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