Strobist on Location: In-Person Workshops and Seminars

Strobist's lighting courses are read by millions of photographers from around the world. But there is no substitute for in-person, hands-on learning.

Small-Class Lighting Workshops

Are you a member of a photography organization or camera club? With a little advance planning, we can put together an intimate private lighting workshop anywhere in the world. And because it is planned as a group, it is generally far more economical than individually priced commercial offerings.

For detailed info and full course offerings, please download the Strobist On Location information packet. (Please note that you'll need to be logged into your Google account to access it.)

Private, Week-Long Destination Workshops

Are you an individual, up for an immersive week of photographic growth in an amazing environment with a small group of peers?

We do that, too. Our Travel/Light workshops happen two to three times per year. The seven-day classes happen in interesting and far-flung cities that many westerners will not have yet visited. Our cites include Dubai (above) Marrakech and Hanoi.

When the sun is high in the sky, we are in classroom mode. Our daily photography-related topics will include small-class lighting workshops, learning to travel/see like a photojournalist and exploring digital ecosystems.

When the light is good, we're out shooting. I plan our week to include plenty of unstructured time during the best light to simply exist as a photographer in a visually stimulating environment.

At night, we shift to dinner, drinks and sharing pictures from the day's shoots.

You should expect a week of rapid growth, spent with a small group of like-minded people in an environment specifically chosen for photographers.

Because these workshops are put on privately, without marketing costs and without the overhead of a tour company, we can offer exceptional value for dollar—and the flexibility of flying with us or meeting us onsite.

Destination workshops are typically not publicized on Strobist. Rather, they tend to fill privately with people who previously expressed an interest in being notified when they will be happening. If you'd like to be included on this list (we typically announce them at least 6 months in advance) drop me an email here.

You won't be obligated to anything. You'll just have a heads-up when a workshop is being planned.


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