Are you developing a product that intersects with the world of lighting?

After 20+ years of daily shooting and lighting experience as a staff photojournalist, I founded in 2006. For the last ten years running Strobist has put me squarely in the hub of the professional-amateur continuum in all things lighting, intersecting daily with photographers all around the world.

Whether you are in the planning or design phase of a strobe, studio flash, remote trigger, lighting modifier or even a piece of lighting grip, I can help.

I have helped companies create intuitive user interfaces for remotes and flashes that reflect a deep knowledge of the way customers will use their gear in daily workflow. I have helped companies look beyond a juiced guide number rating when designing a reflector for a portable studio strobe.

Put simply, I can help to keep your company from making expensive mistakes—and do so in a cost-effective way. To inquire about remote or in-person consulting, please contact me via email.


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