Bits and Pieces

• I will be working wall-to-wall on Friday, morning to late night. So if things look decidedly unchanged around here, you'll know why. Don't feel too bad for me. I am covering the Miss USA pageant. (Hey, somebody has gotta do it...)

• I have added the 2001 documentary, War Photographer, to the bookshelf. Check it out.

• While I am slaving away shooting Miss USA, please take a moment to add your John Hancock as a comment on the guest book/reader links page. You can find it here, and it will be a permanent link on the links page.

• Turns out, I am not the original Strobist. There is some guy in the Russian medical field (check here) who keeps popping up. It is in his e-mail name, too. Cool. (And I thought I made up the word.) Maybe I should send him a T-shirt or something...


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