Canon: A Very "Un-PC" Company?

Thanks to Strobist Sean M., I now know that the Canon EZ flashes apparently do not have PC terminals on them as do the Nikon ones.

(What were they possibly thinking?)

They were thinking they would sell you expensive, proprietary cords, is what they were thinking. Which is not cool as far as I am concerned. Why you Canon shooters aren't out in front of HQ with pitchforks and torches, I'll never know.

Fortunately, there are always work-arounds.

Shortly, I will put a page of flashes that either have (a) full manual control and a PC terminal, or, (b) just full manual control.

There are many of the former type out there, and the "no-PC connection" thing is an easy work-around. For a Pocket Wizard hook-up for instance, the cord is a "PW-MHSF1 Miniphone to Hot Shoe Female."

But Canon is still a doofus for not putting in such a basic, dirt-cheap connection. Especially considering what new model strobes tend to cost these days.

I know the Nikon stuff pretty well, but I would be happy to hear from you guys about models from other brands (Vivitar, Sunpak, etc.,) that you may know of. Just e-mail them to me at (The e-mail is back up, BTW.)

I will compile them on a page with links for the current stuff and eBay search links for the discontinued stuff.

As with many problems, I think this could turn out to be a blessing in disguise. The Nikon SB-24, which offers full-stop manual control and a PC connection, for instance, can be had used on eBay for $30-$50.

That price, plus the fact that I am waiting on parts to post a tutorial (with-pix) on how to build a 25-foot, very reliable PC cord for about $20, could get the cost of entry into this off-camera stuff to under $150.00, total.

And that includes the flash, stand, umbrella adapter, umbrella and triggering cord. Schwing. (Cardboard snoots and Frosted Flakes box GoBo's sold separately.)

Also coming soon (after I wrap up my crunch-week-from-heck) is a big Strobist links page which will grow as we all find cool new stuff to throw in. I have already had some unsolicited submissions, which is great. I'll keep you posted on that, after the flash page goes up.


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