When I completed Strobist as a project in 2021, I promised to check back in when I had something worth sharing. Today, I’m announcing my new book, The Traveling Photographer’s Manifesto, which seeks to do for traveling photographers what Strobist always tried to do for lighting photographers.

Thanks for giving it a look—and for your comments and feedback.

Comments, Tips and Questions

If you have a general lighting question, please ask it in the Strobist Flickr discussion group. You will find your answers—and a lot of nice people who are all into off-camera lighting—there. Plus, your question and answer will be public, and thus will be available to help others.

If you need to ask me something specifically, please do so via Twitter. Twitter's focus on brevity (280 character limit) means I can commit to answering pretty much any question that isn't an easy Google. Plus, if your question is something that I think will be of benefit to others, I can make both the question and answer public. Which is way better than my answering 20 similar versions of the same question in private.

If you are pitching a podcast or written interview, please include listenership/readership info in your query. That (and whether it is an appropriate subject area) play a large part in deciding whether it is worth deferring time from work to participate in your project.

Finally, yes, it is easy to seek out my email addy with the various whois tools. But please don't cold email me. I don't list an email contact on the site, and we both know you saw this before you emailed me. So please don't.

Being available via Twitter is my balance between wanting to be both helpful and responsive and not spending all day responding to one-to-one lighting questions via email. Which is what was happening before. I'm a one-man band, and family is important. Please help me maintain that balance.

Thanks much,


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