Found: Strobist's Counterpart!

OK, all of you wedding guys who have been e-mailing me with a bazillion questions:

Here is your site - Planet Neil.

He is all about learning how to better use on-camera flash. So, between the two of us, we gotcha covered, dude.

This site is built around wedding photography techniques. But the info is applicable to anyone wanting to better understand what you can do with your expensive little TTL Wonder Strobes without unhooking them from their mamas.

And besides, all of you wedding shooters can ask HIM about stuff now. :) Because I do not know Jack about shooting weddings, anyway.

Please go flood his site with traffic (and him with e-mails) and tell him he should link to Strobist. We're kind of a Yin-Yang thing, anyway. A link to his site will be archived in the links page, too.

Now, if someone would just make a site for that exact moment when you are removing the flash from the camera...

(Thanks to "Drime" for the tip. Keep 'em coming.)


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