A Note to Strobist Readers

I launched Strobist on April 5th with what I thought would be a "soft start." And I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the feedback I have gotten from you guys so far.

I have been so busy cranking out pages for the site - it's up to 53 articles and growing - that I haven't had time to send out a blanket "thank you" for all of the very kind e-mails, comments and suggestions you have sent thus far. I feel like we are all at the start of something that could grow into a pretty cool journey.

I keep a very busy schedule shooting (not to mention being a dad) but I have no intention of slowing this thing down any time soon. There is a lot more stuff to come, and I look forward to implementing many of your suggestions into the information flow.

Doing this has also re-energized my approach to location lighting. That is the best by-product of teaching. And for that, I thank you.

I have long suspected that a structured course in off-camera flash use was a big hole in most young photographers' education. It is very gratifying to know that many of you think Strobist is starting to fill that void.

That said, I have a small favor to ask of you. If you enjoy and value the site, please start to spread the word. I have no - as in zero - marketing budget. Strobist is strictly a word-of-mouth thing. And my goal is to reach as many young shooters as possible with a free and informative site. The more, the merrier.

So if you could pass the word along to your colleagues/fellow students or on your photo message boards/list serves, I would be very grateful. And feel free to post a comment detailing how you did it, if you like. (I'd love to know.)

Thanks again. And keep those comments coming.



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