On Location: Computer Server Guy

©Bill Adams

Thanks to Bill Adams who sends in the above photo, lit with two Nikon SB-28's.

Says Bill:

The walkway was only 3 feet wide and enclosed in chain link fencing, as you can see on the left. I lit him with 2 Nikon SB28 speedlights, one clamped behind him to the fencing (you can see the mount behind his neck) and another into a 12x16 mini softbox (just outside of the frame) to control the light spill from hitting the fence or servers.

I stood on a bucket and photographed him with a FUJI Finepix S1 camera and a 14mm lens, trying not to give his head the "Gumby" look. I had 30 minutes of his time to make the shot and completed it with 10 minutes left to spare.

I gelled the servers so they wouldn't take away from him, brightness wise. (The fronts were silver.)

Overall it didn't turn out to badly. And yes I bit the bullet a couple of years back and bought a set of Pocket Wizards, which were used to fire the strobes.

I'm guessing that Bill might have stuck a Sto-Fen or something on that back flash, maybe?

(Looks like a very wide throw on the light.)

Any questions? Ask 'em to him in the comments section.

Camera: Fuji Finepix S1
Lens: 14mm f2/8
Flashes: (2) Nikon SB-28's
Trigger: Pocket Wizards


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