Quick Note: E-Mail and Traffic

While checking Strobist's traffic after the first day of launch, I was amazed to see that we got over 5,000 hits! Geez, I had no idea. Thanks, and I hope you are enjoying it. Please spread the word.

Many of you also left some very nice notes in the e-mail box and they are very much appreciated. I got back to several of you. But, unfortunately, my e-mail account is somehow crashed. There are still some of you that I have not yet gotten back to. I am working on it and will respond ASAP-est.

FYI, I will be posting another "On Assignment" (possibly two) later today after I finish my assignments. So check back. Shot something pretty cool last night at mix light, too. But I'll have to wait until it is published by my paper before I can use it for the site. Fair enuf, I suppose.



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