Starting Now: Post Your Comments

Commenting is a bit more cumbersome on a blog than on a message board, so I went both ways on it before deciding to open the thing up to discussion.

But I am getting a lot of feedback via e-mail that would be more appropriate in a comments section, so everyone could benefit from peoples' reactions.

To get a commenting name, you will have to sign up with Blogger. I know, I know, but it is easy, free, and only takes a couple of minutes. And it you do, you'll also be ready to blog if you have ever toyed with the idea. If you choose not to register, your entry will simply be logged as being from "Anonymous." You can ID yourself in the text field, of course, but anyone could say they were anyone.

First, a couple of easy rules.

Strobist is about two things: Learning to light, and sharing what you have learned with others who could benefit from your experience.

Please keep that in mind when commenting.

There is no reason for discussion here to generate into sniping, lighting elitism, or, worst, politics. The US is a very polarized place right now, and I want the people who voted Nikon to be comfy with the people who voted Canon, ya know? And be supportive of less experienced shooters and help them the same way someone helped you.

Inappropriate comments will be deleted. Not saying you have to be perfectly PC and all. Just don't attack people or their work in a mean-spirited way.

Commenting will be turned on all the way back to the first post. You may use this feature to start a more in-depth discussion on any of the Lighting 101 lessons, for example.

If you disagree with any of my premises, you will be banned (kidding) that's just fine. I am confident in my far-from-perfect views. (Just ask my wife...)

Just do not be mean about it.

Also, the envelope at the bottom of each post will allow you to e-mail the post to anyone you wish.

Let's see how this experiment works, folks. And I am curious to see how long the first comment takes (and where it lands!)



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