Word Verification in Comments Set to "Off"

Believe it or not, even I have to try to read those sloppy drunken verification letters to post a comment. It is a pain, and I am turning it off to see how it goes.

(Apparently there are issues with "comment spammer bots," which raises the question of what anyone would possibly have to gain from such an activity.)

We'll see if the bots descend onto Strobist and trash the place. Or, maybe they'll raise the level of discussion. Who knows. But as for now, enjoy your commenting in a "squint-free" environment.

(And don't say I never did nuthin for you...)

EDIT: The comment bots found Strobist within a few hours of this post. Amazing. Oh, well. Word verification is back on. And, BTW, it is good to see a discussion starting to build in the comment section of many of the posts.


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