Flickr, It Is...

There seems to be a good consensus for Flickr. Captoe has already set up a group called Strobist here, prompting my crack team of copyright lawyers to fire up the fleet of black helicopters and head his way.

Actually, Captoe, if you want to handle the invite approvals and e-mail me with an easy instruction set telling people how to post the photos, I will set up that info on Strobist (the blog) and we can get busy.

One more thing. If you keep your photos sized at 400 (total) pixels on the long dimension, they will fit nicely on the blog should they happen to get brought over into an article or "how-to" post. At that size, it should be easy to jpeg them to get them down to ~75k.

I have seen other blogs (on Blogger) that have a little Flickr slideshow refer box thingie in the sidebar. So I will check into how to do that, too.

Please do not use the Flickr messaging system for any important communication. I will probably check it every leap year or so. (I need another in-box like I need a hole in the head.)

And, for the pop-culture-illiterate, (or foreign readers) "Help Me, Rhonda," was a song by the Beach Boys.

Thanks, guys!


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