Floating an Idea: Lighting School

The Lighting 101 lessons are all up, and many of you are doing some cool stuff. With the large number of people posting to Strobist's Flickr group, I am toying with the idea of creating a more structured lighting program that involves reader participation.

How would you guys feel about a monthly, technique-specific assignment? For many people, this is the kind of thing that provides enough of a kick in the pants to go out and do something. And the fact that you would all be trying out a similar technique at the same time would allow you to compare your execution with that of many others.

The technique would start out pretty simple, and build from there. Certainly for the foreseeable future, we would be talking about stuff that could be completed with the most basic Strobist-style gear.

Results would be posted (with appropriate tages) in the Flickr Strobist group pool.

There would be very modest token prizes involved for the standouts. (Hey, I'm barely treading water as it is, folks...)

Whaddya say? Does that sound interesting?

Leave me some feedback in the comments section if you would be up for it. I will decide yay or nay based on the level of interest.


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