It's Easy, Being Green...

UPDATE: One free sample pack request? Cool. Legions of free sample pack requests? Not so much. The page at Rosco linked to by this post has been removed. And I am pretty sure we killed it. Oops.

Hey, folks-

Here's a quick link to request a Rosco "swatch book," which contains a single, shoe-mount-flash-sized sample of just about every gel Rosco makes. (It's about 2 inches thick!)

If you are going to use them on your strobes, you simply need to extend the size a little by sandwiching some tape onto the edges. The gel itself will cover your shoe-mount strobe face just fine, but it has to have some extra length created to have space to fasten it with the velcro technique discussed on the "how-to gel" page.

This'll get you started even if you are penniless on a student budget. And don't worry that you are freeloading. You will be purchasing some of the 24" x 20" sheets at $6.95 a pop before it's over.

New to the gel thing? Get more info on this how-to page, from the Lighting 101 section.



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