OK, Folks, Strobist Flickr is Live

First of all, mucho thanks to 'Captoe,' who set us up with a group (and educated me as to how to use it.)

This is a place to stick you cool flash experiments - successes and interesting failures.

There's only one rule: The photos have to be "work safe." Which is to say that they won't get anyone who is browsing at their desk (when they should be working) canned for looking at your stuff.

In other words, while I am sure your main squeeze's (fill in body part here) looks great in your cool new light, this ain't the place.

That said, throw up whatever you want. You may note that Flickr does make the meta data viewable for many caption plug-ins. So if you are trying to protect the innocent with respect to names, etc., kill your captions before uploading.

Here's how to join the fray:

A) Join Flickr (for free) here.

B) Join Strobist group here.

C) Upload your photos:

• By browser: here.
• With the uploader tool: here.
• By e-mail: here.

D) Add appropriate photos to the Strobist group. (Either during the upload process, or later from the photo's page.)

E) Add tags. Tags are like labels or categories. Strobist photos might be tagged with pertinent words like snoot, gobo, hardlight, softlight, ambient, etc.

F) Follow the tips for a Happy Flickr Group here.

You're good to go. Please feel free to comment (be nice) on others' work. Trade ideas. Ask question. Answer questions. You get the point.

This page will be archived to the sidebar for future reference.

And again, thanks to Captoe. (Whatever a 'Captoe' is...)


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