Pocket Wizard Layaway Plan

I'll bet that headline got your attention.

It's a cheap teaser, but based in truth.

A Pocket Wizard set uses connector jacks that are like a set of earbuds, but in mono instead of stereo. They are called 1/8" mono plugs.

If you wanted to build a synch cord that would allow an easy transition to PW's, you could use a cheap audio cord as the middle part.

This would mean that the connector-end PC cords that you bought for your 1/8"-audio-jack-based, pigtail synch cord would fit your PW's when you were ready to step up to $330 of wireless synching bliss. You could also use it as a backup when the PW's batts went dead on you.

Ha, ha ha! Just kidding! Pocket Wizard AA's last 250 hours. That's ten days, turned on, in your trunk before you're in trouble. And if you go ten days without using them, you don't deserve them anyway...

(OK, sorry. I have to stop posting late at night...)


Anyway, I'll look into sourcing a 20-foot 1/8' extension cord and a female-to-female adapter to see if it is worth doing to save money in the long run. (You'd need the F-to-F adpater to make a "socket" at the male end of the cord.)


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