Strobist Hits Puberty

One of the best things about being a photojournalist is that you get to do a lot of fun stuff and call it work. Of all of the experiences I have had on the job, none was more consistently rewarding than teaching others the same way generous people had taught me.

FYI, I used to teach photography at a local college. But I gave it up to free up more "daddy time" when my daughter was born. She'll turn eight next month.

A couple of months, a made-up name and 114 posts ago, I started Strobist as a way to cure my jones for teaching without being tied to a rigid schedule. Turns out, my non-rigid schedule is now, "all of the time."

And a few minutes ago, the website recorded its 250,000th page view.

Yeah, I know some sites like Google might do that every tenth of a second. But to me, that's a big number. And I am very happy to see the milestone hit.

Further, it means that this work is somehow getting out to people. (Even if you subtract the page hits my mom probably clicked, there's got to be ten or twenty thousand hits left.)

For those who have joined Flickr's Strobist group, thanks much for sharing your stuff. It's great to watch readers learning from, and sharing ideas with, other readers. The group is becoming more and more organic every day. We may be doing this on a shoestring budget, but we are becoming a community.

And it's a lot of fun, too.

Keep those Flickr pictures coming. And I will, too.



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