You Showed Me Yours, So..

Of all sports, daytime baseball may be the most difficult to light using a small flash.

Typically, in a little league stadium environment, I...

Nah! I'm just kidding.

No one, not even a sicko like me, lights day baseball. (Although Walter Iooss, Jr. lit the endzone of a Superbowl, once.)

I am just posting this to let you know that I have been going through the "photo streams" of some of the new Strobist Flickr Group members and seeing some cool stuff.

Truth be told, I haven't kept a portfolio in years. I know, I know. But I am lazy about that. My last job change was 7 years ago when I came to The Sun. And I am pretty sure I was hired for my dashing good looks, anyway.

I am only now entering clips again after stopping when my daughter was born to conserve some daddy time. She's in second grade now, so I'm giving it another spin.

That said, I am starting to look through my hard drive and stick some stuff that I like up on my Flickr account, to join the visual cacophony along with the rest of youse guys. I'll scratch around the archive system at the paper and find more stuff to stick up there as time permits.

If you have not joined the Flickr group yet, please consider doing so and sticking some photos up.

We won't bite. Promise.

(Did I get you on the strobing baseball thing?)


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