Ask Not for Whom the Bell Tolls


It's headshot heaven over at Flickr's Strobist Group. True to form, the procrastinators are coming through in spades at the 11th hour.

Take a look at the group's effort thus far if you haven't, and see what a broad and hard-working bunch you guys are. I am heartened to see such an enthusiastic response and am looking forward to the follow-up discussion and the more challenging assignments.

Remember to drop them in before midnight tonight. And don't forget the tags.

There are quite a few headshots in there without the necessary tags. I hope these are dupes from people who have already entered their first choice. Please take a moment to check your photo.

A reminder - the tags for this asignment are:

• strobistbootcamp (one word)
• headshot (one word)
• pro (or amateur)
• (your country)
• (any additional tags you would like)

EDIT: Someone in the discussion section brought up a good point. Please remember to post some info in the comment section (of your own photo) of just how you lit the headshot, too. That is, uh, sort of the point here...)


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