Double-Fold Umbrella Blues

The super-handy, 43" Westcott double-fold umbrellas appear to be missing in action at Adorama. If anyone knows where we can get them, please leave a link in the comment section and I will update the umbrella links throughout the site.

I sure hope they are not gone for good. I will ping Adorama to see what's up.

UPDATE: Well, from asking around (and from the very helpful comments) it appears as though the site could have possibly caused a, uh, wee bit of a run on a few products which normally do not move in great numbers. For those of you who do not read the comments sections, we have found out the following:

1) The umbrellas are not discontinued.
2) You can get them - catch as catch can - in several other locations, including:

Roberts Imaging
Penn Camera

I will post a note (or anyone feel free to chime in) when I see them back in stock at Adorama, too.


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