Get 'em While You Can: $8 Gear Cases at WalMart

You wanna know what is most likely to kill your photo gear? Your trunk. Rattling around back there (you know, the way you drive) is pretty much tantamount to living in a rock tombler.

A poster on the Strobist Discussion Group on Flickr found something which is too good a deal not to bring up to the main board: $8 gear hard cases on the clearance shelf at WallyMart.

Says Photo_Jeffrey:

"They look like a Pelican case except I'm sure the quality isn't quite there and I'm pretty sure they aren't waterproof. Still though, it was a pretty good deal."

They aren't really photo cases. They are pistol cases made by Plano. (Hey, this is WalMart, after all.) But the middle layer of foam is the diced, pluck-out kind, so it can make whatever shape you want.

Besides, what could be better for getting your subjects in a coopoerative mood than to whip out a "gear" case with that "Saye haello to mye leetle friend," Tony-Montana-from-Scarface look?

Thanks for the tip, Photo_Jeffrey.


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