A Great Face for Radio...

First of all, no, that's not me. The above guys are Bill Crawford and Ed Hidden, of StudioLighting.net.

They were kind enough to have me on their podcast (which was taped a couple of weeks ago) and it has just been posted.

At 36 minutes long, my wife would note that it is about 34 minutes longer than I am able to talk intelligently about anything. So be warned in advance. It's also just a tad under 20 megs, so this will be a long download for the dial-up folks.

As for the prospect of future podcasts on Strobist, I am learning sound editing for my day job even as we speak. And there is apparently a wide range of opinion as to whether any audio produced here would even be worth listening to. Still working that out.

But there's one podcast already out in the ether, thanks to these guys. Check out the rest of their site, too.

The preview page is here. Or click here to download the file.

Edit: Fixed the podcast link. Thanks for the heads-up.


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