So, What are You Reading?

Being summer (for you northern hemisphere readers, anyway) I always like to know what I should be reading while getting my future skin cancer at the beach.

I've showed you mine -- I have my favorites listed on the Strobist Bookshelf. But I would love to know what photo books you all consider your favorites.

Herewith, I am offering anyone the opportunity to make their case in a mini-review for a favorite photo book, DVD, or any other media.

How-to, monolith, photo textbook, DVD -- whatever. Anything in the photo genre in general is fair game. Books that partain to lighting are, of course, especially welcome. Please limit the selections to books you have actually read and enjoyed, as opposed to stuff you heard was pretty good.

Please send me an e-mail with a paragraph or two of the following info:

• Title
• Who wrote it
• What it is about
• In print or out of print.
• Why you love it.
• Your name

(I cannot, in good conscience, put up a review by someone with a screen name like, say, StinkyFeet207...)

And please put as the header, "Strobist Book Review," so I will know to skip right past it when I am busy searching out the important daily e-mails on how to Increase My Breast Size! (or any other part of my anatomy, should that need become critical.)

I will blurb the ones that sound interesting on the blog as a way to plug some of the interminable gaps between my blathering posts.

This will help to spread some good info around while allowing me to get my 2.5 hours of beauty rest per night, too.

And you will be able to turn a couple of people onto a good book. Which is cool.

Muchas gracias,


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