Bits and Pieces, August 9th

• New Canon Flashes Included for Synch Mods

Michael Bass, the guy who does the synch mod for the Canon 580 EX speedlight, wrote to tell me that he is adding the following models to the list available for conversion:

Canon 430 EX
Canon 540 EX
Canon 550 EX
(and, of course, the 580 EX)

You can reach Micheal via e-mail for more info.

• Feel Like Monkeying Around?

Strobist reader Erik Jenkins wanted me to help pass the word about a new digital photography forum he is running, entitled

Consider the word passed.

(If you do not know what "chimping" is, I am sure someone there will tell you.)

• A Textbook Solution

As an Amazon affiliate, I get a constant stream of notices about improvements to their site and lots of special offers. For those of you who are college students, I wanted to pass along a way to save money and help Strobist at the same time.

Amazon sells college textbooks for up to 20% cheaper than the academic mafia college bookstores do. On top of that, they are running an offer of an additional $15 off of $150 or more in that department.

They also have used textbooks for up to 90% off. You can sell your old textbooks through them, too. No extra charge for all of your doodling and highlighting.

Combined with the lack of sales tax and free shipping, it's pretty schweet deal. And, if you click through from one of the Amazon links on Strobist, you help the site while saving more of your precious student loan money for beer and photo gear.

The discount deal runs through October 7th. You can check it out via this link, and I will leave a link in the sidebar until the deal expires, too.

(And thanks for your support!)


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