Great Used Nikon Flash Source: K.E.H.

Way back when I was a photography-bitten college puke, I used to love to go up to Atlanta to visit my Aunt June and Uncle Percy, who still live in nearby Douglasville.

Uncle Percy, in particular, was The Man, as far as I was concerned.

Why? Because back when I was 7, he let me borrow his real, 35mm camera to take an actual picture. And I was hooked for life.

And the icing on the cake to visiting Atlanta was that Atlanta was where K.E.H. was located.

K.E.H. was a HUGE used photo gear retailer. And I was a salivating kid in a candy store. I simply could not leave the place without buying something.

Fast forward 20+ years. Sadly, they no longer have a retail storefront. But now, they are even bigger. They have grown into a web-based operation as the world's largest used photo gear outlet.

You see them all over the web with the "We Buy Used" banners. But whaddya think they do with all that stuff?

They sell it, is what they do.

The place is Used Nikon Flash Nirvana, for one thing. They don't have an SB-24. They probably have ten of them. In all different conditions and prices. They are a machine.

One thing to consider when viewing their prices: They grade very conservatively. I have always been happily surprised in that regard when buying from them.

So if you are looking to score a Nikon SB-24,25,26,28, etc., check them out.

They are a smorgasboard.


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