Hey, THAT Ought to be in Strobist...

We are 200 posts into this strange trip, with well over a milllion page views to date.

Up until now most of the posts have come from yours truly, save a couple of outstanding On Assignments where the photos were reader-supplied. And many reader-supplied tips via e-mail. And I have darn-near worn the keys off of my Powerbook in the last six months.

Here's something you probably never expected to hear from a control freak particular person such as myself:

It's time for a little diversity of thought.

Starting soon, the sharp-eyed among you will start to notice an additional byline or two. But that's not all.

I have found that some of the most obsessive loyal Strobist readers tend to hang out on the Strobist Flickr discussion boards. Lots of cool things pop up there, and many people miss out because they are too flippin' lazy busy to join up to Flickr.

And since many of the stalkers most helpful readers regularly send me tips via e-mails, I wanted to kill a few birds with one stone.

I am starting a "This Oughta Be in Strobist" discussion thread as a place to stick stuff that you think might be of interest for the broader readership.

We are all about credit here at Strobist. Because I am short on cash. (Ba-dump, ping.) So please credit where you found the info.

And if it is on site "A," but you found it via site "B," we'll want to credit them, too. If there is a photo, link to it so I can find it.

The result will be more neat stuff popping up more frequently. Especially when I am crunched during NCAA and NFL football season.

And since you have access to the raw feed on Flickr, you'll see the stuff as it is submitted. If for one reason or another, it doesn't pop up to the main site, it'll still get exposure there.

I want to say right now that I will still be pretty choosy on what to pull up. Strong preference will be to neat stuff that applies to off-camera flash.

But some other stuff is pretty cool, regardless.

Let's see how it goes for a while. Feel free to post here.


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